Hiking Trails in Great Smokey Mountains

HeySmokies Great Smoky Mountain National Park Hiking Trails Guide

Trail NameTrail FeaturesMileageElevation GainDifficultyTrail Location
Abrams FallsWaterfalls4.2 total length, 2.5 miles to waterfall from Cades Cove Trailhead350'Easy to moderate
Ace GapTranquil forest, Wildflowers5.6200'Easy
Albright Grove Loop TrailEnormous trees, tranquil forest0.7200'Easy
Alum Cave TrailOutstanding views, amazing geologic features52,600'Moderate to difficult
Anthony Creek TrailStream crossings, diversity of plants3.61,800'Moderate to difficult
Appalachian TrailLong distance hiking, views, forest diversity31N/AModerate to difficult
Balsam Mountain TrailTranquil forest walk with low traffic 10.11,540'Easy to difficult
Baskins Creek TrailWaterfall, tranquil, diverse forest2.7-350' hiking West to EastModerate
Baxter Creek TrailOutstanding views, diversity of plants6.14,100'Moderate
Bear Creek TrailOutstanding views, tranquil forest5.93,100'Difficult
Beard Cane TrailRemarkably straight trail, wildflowers, diversity of plants.4.2500' hiking South to NorthModerate
Beech Gap (A)Pristine stream with unbridged crossing, rich cultural history2.51,968'Moderate
Beech Gap (B)Pristine stream, amazing winter views, mature forest2.81,789'Moderate
Big Creek TrailWaterfalls, historic sites, varied forest types5.81,368'Easy to moderate
Big Fork RidgeGreat views3.2728'Moderate
Bone Valley TrailHistoric site, stream crossing1.8193'Easy
Boogerman TrailHistoric stone walls, old-growth forest, views of Cataloochee Divide4.1800'Moderate
Bote Mountain TrailSpring rhododendron display, Spence Field, sunken banks6.93,373'Difficult
Boulevard TrailPanoramic views5.41,678'Moderate
Bradley Fork TrailPristine streams7.32,787'Easy to difficult
Brushy Mountain TrailHistoric site, dramatic views, huge trees4.92,648'Moderate
Bull Head TrailDramatic fall colors and splendid spring wildflower display5.93,478'Moderate to difficult
Cabin Flats TrailOld growth forest, trestle bridge stream crossing0.9211'Easy
Caldwell Fork TrailTerrific winter hike, scenic valley with huge trees6.31,308'Easy to moderate
Camel Gap TrailTranquil forest, scenic stream4.71,547'Moderate
Cane Creek TrailCemetery, scenic walk2.1198' hiking North to SouthEasy
Cataloochee Divide TrailGreat views, nice spring wildflower display6.41,059'Easy to moderate
Chasteen Creek TrailScenic stream, waterfall4.02,278'Moderate
Chestnut Branch TrailEstablished second growth forest, historic site2.11,479'Moderate
Chestnut Top TrailNice winter views, spring wildflower display4.31,000'Moderate
Chimney Tops TrailOutstanding view from the Chimney Tops, large trees2.01,478'Moderate to difficult
Clingmans Dome Bypass TrailGreat views0.5368'Moderate
Cold Spring Gap TrailSpring Wildflower Display3.51,890'Moderate to difficult
Cooper Creek TrailScenic stream0.5207'Easy
Cooper Road TrailSpring Redbud flowering display10.9908'Moderate
Cove Mountain TrailWaterfalls, winter views8.52,628'Moderate
Crib Gap TrailInteresting fungi, common wildlife encounters1.6-409' Anthony Creek Trail to Turkeypen Ridge TrailEasy
Crooked Arm Ridge TrailWaterfall, scenic views2.21,500'Moderate to difficult
Cucumber Gap TrailSpring wildflower display, stream crossing (unbridged)2.4487'Easy to moderate
Curry Mountain TrailCultural history3.31,200'Easy to moderate
Deep Creek TrailBeautiful valley with stream14.22,849'Easy to moderate
Deeplow Gap TrailWaterfall6.11,442'Moderate
Dry Sluice Gap TrailOpen ridge hiking, large trees4.21,562' From Cabin Flats TrailModerate to difficult
Eagle Creek TrailScenic stream, Spence Field, views8.93,170'Easy to difficult
Enloe Creek TrailNice stream walk with multiple cascades and old growth forest3.61,268'Easy to moderate
Finley Cane TrailImpressive rhododendron tunnels2.8218'Easy
Flat Creek TrailMountain views, open northern forest walk2.6458' hiking from Heintooga picnic area to Heintooga RoadEasy to moderate
Fork Ridge TrailNice transition between forest ecosystems with fine example of old growth forest5.12,460' hiking from junction with Deep Creek TrailModerate to difficult
Forney Creek TrailMultiple cascades11.43,978' hiking from Lakeshore Trail junctionEasy to difficult
Forney Ridge TrailAndrews Bald5.62,428' hiking from Spring house Branch TrailModerate to difficult
Gabes Mountain TrailHen Wallow Falls, large trees and old growth forest6.61,245' hiking from Cosby RoadModerate
Gatlinburg TrailHistoric sites, unusually flat walking1.9128Easy
Goldmine Loop TrailUnbridged stream crossing2.0563' hiking from Lakeshore TrailEasy to Moderate
Goldmine TrailHistoric sites0.8215'Easy
Goshen Prong TrailLovely stream, small cave7.63,017' hiking from Little River TrailModerate
Grapeyard Ridge TrailHistoric sites7.61,328' hiking from GreenbrierEasy to moderate
Grassy Branch TrailGrassy forest walk2.51,822' hiking from junction with Sweat Heifer TrailModerate
Greenbrier Ridge TrailWildflower display, vistas, lovely mountain streams4.21,662' hiking from Middle Prong TrailModerate
Gregory Bald TrailAmazing hybridized summer azalea blooms, fantastic view of Cades Cove from the bald7.32,198' hiking from Parson Branch RoadModerate
Gregory Ridge TrailAcces to Gregory Bald, wildflower display, old-growth forest5.02,632'Moderate to difficult
Gunter Fork TrailAwesome waterfall, nice forest walk, 4.12,218' hiking from Camel Gap trailModerate to difficult
Hannah Mountain TrailNice ridge walk, Flint Gap, unbridged stream crossing9.51,511' hiking from Abrams CreekEasy to moderate
Hatcher Mountain TrailWonderful fringed polygala display in May2.8729' hiking from Abrams Falls and Hannah Mountain TrailEasy
Hazel Creek TrailOutstanding trout fishing, historic sites14.72,678' hiking from Lakeshore TrailEasy to difficult
Hemphill Bald TrailPossible elk viewing opportunities, great views8.42,900' hiking from Caldwell Ridge TrailModerate to difficult
Hughes Ridge TrailSummer wildflower display5.03,328' hiking from Chasteen Creek TrailModerate
Husky Gap TrailTranquil forest4.11,340' hiking from Newfound Gap RoadModerate
Hyatt Ridge TrailMcGee springs, mature virgin forest4.42,100' hiking from Straight Fork RoadModerate
Indian Creek Motor TrailLush, dense forest1.8747'Easy to moderate
Indian Creek TrailSlick rocks around water featrures3.6962'Easy to moderate
Indian Grave Gap TrailFlame azalea display, scenic vistas3.71,200' hiking from Rich Mountain RoadEasy to moderate
Jakes Creek TrailCascades, historic sites3.32,300' Easy to moderate
Jenkins Ridge TrailGreat views, vegetation diversity, Horace Kephart copper mine legacy8.92,050' hiking from Pickens Gap to Spence FieldDifficult
Jonas Creek TrailAmazing views, cascades, stream crossings4.12,120' hiking from Forney Creek TrailDifficult
Juney Whank Falls TrailWaterfall with slippery stones0.396'Easy
Kanati Fork TrailDense cove forest, spring wildflower display2.92,115'Moderate
Kephart Prong TrailCCC camp artifacts, narrow gauge RR track2.0760Moderate
Lakeshore Trail (From Lakeshore Road to campsite 76)Historic home sites, stream crossings, solitude12N/AModerate
Lakeshore Trail (from campsite 66 to campsite 81)Fine views of Fontana Lake, historic home sites8.8N/AModerate
Lakeshore Trail (from campsite 81 to 90)Historic sites, great views of Fontana Lake8.3649'Moderate
Lakeshore Trail (from campsite 90 to Fontana dam)Historic sites, great views of Fontana Lake10.4723'Moderate
Laurel Falls TrailPaved walking surface, crowded, impressive waterfall, winter views4.02,557'Moderate to strenuous
Lead Cove TrailHistoric home sites1.81,228'Moderate
Little Bottoms TrailUngraded trail, Abrams creek2.3120'Moderate
Little Brier GapHistoric Walker sisters homesite1.4400'Easy
Little Cataloochee TrailHistoric sites, varied forest types5.21,920'Easy with a few steep stretches
Little Greenbrier TrailWildflower display, great winter views4.31,860'Steep, moderate to difficult
Little River TrailEasy, railroad grade, lovely river walk6.21,200' Easy
Long Bunk TrailHistoric sites3.61,120'Steady climb, moderate
Long Bunk TrailRye patch, nice forest views4.52,320'Moderate with steep sections
Loop TrailAbundant wildlife, nice loop from Big Creek1.2468'Easy to moderate
Lost Cove TrailOld RR grade, quiet forest2.71,920'Tough steep climb
Low Gap Trail (from Big Creek Trail)Quiet forest2.51,328'Steep, moderate climb
Low Gap TrailQuiet forest2.91,932'Steep, moderate climb
Lower Mount Camerrer TrailHistoric home sites, View from Sutton Ridge Overlook, creek crossings7.51,300' Moderately easy
Lumber Ridge TrailWinter views, 4.11,000'Difficult to easy
Lynn Camp ProngScenic streams3.71,240'Easy to difficult on the upper end
Maddron Bald TrailView from bald, virgin forest7.33,500'Moderate to difficult
Martins Gap TrailVaried forest and vegetation3.0878'Moderate
McKee Branch TrailLovely stream walk2.32,678'Moderate
Meigs Creek TrailNice creek walk, wildflower display3.5850'Moderate with many stream crossings
Miegs Mountain TrailGreat walk for families, many easy stream crossings6.1450'Easy
Metcalf Bottoms TrailGreat family walk to the historic Little Greenbrier Schoolhouse0.7103'Easy
Middle Prong TrailWildflower trail, multiple cascades4.11,235'Easy
Mingus Creek TrailHistoric Mingus Mill, slave cemetery, CCC camp historic site5.83,030Moderate
Miry Ridge TrailGreat views, breezy ridge walk5.0950' Easy to moderate
Mount Cammerer Trailhistoric fire lookout, 300 degree unobstructed view0.6109'Easy
Mount Sterling Ridge TrailLovely high elevation ridge walk through Spruce-Fir forest5.3160' from Balsam MountainEasy
Mount Sterling TrailNice south-eastern views during winter2.71,950'Moderate with short steep sections
Newton Bald TrailFlame azaleas on ridge top, spring and summer wildflower display5.32,880'Long steep climb mostly moderate in difficulty
Noland Creek TrailNumerous backcountry campsites, excellent trout fishing 10.32,400'Generally easy hiking interrupted by short steep stretches, tricky creek crossings
Noland Divide TrailGreat winter views, spruce-fir forest11.64,130Long steep climb moderate in difficulty with short steep sections
Oconaluftee River TrailGreat flat river walk1.638'Easy
Old Settler's TrailGreat history hike with numerous historic sites15.8400'Moderate
Old Sugarlands TrailInteresting historic sites3.91,115'Easy
Palmer Creek TrailNice creek views, hardwood cove forest3.31,520'Easy
Panther Creek TrailThick rhododendron, nice creek walk2.31,455'Difficult stream crossing during high water, moderate climb
Pole Road Creek TrailViews of valley and stream, interesting rock outcrops, wildflower display3.31,800' Steep climb
Poles Gap TrailWinter views4.4840'Steep rough trail
Porters Creek TrailFern falls, spring wildflower display3.63,475'Easy to moderate
Pretty Hollow Gap TrailInteresting historic sites5.62,420'Easy to moderate
Rabbit Creek TrailCreek crossings7.8600'Easy
Rainbow Falls TrailBeautiful rainbow falls, wildflower display, winter views6.73,785'Long steep climb moderate to difficult
Ramsey Cascades TrailBeautiful Ramsey cascades, wildflower display, historic sites, huge trees4.03,600'Easy to moderate, rocky
Rich Mountain TrailQuiet hike, unusual trees, nice cascades on Hesse creek.2.31,650'Steady climb to Indian Grave Gap from Rich Mtn. Road.
Road Prong TrailHistoric road (now a trail) walk, waterfalls, large trees.2.41,625'Moderate, rocky, hike from Chimneys Trail head to Indian Gap on Clingmans Dome Road.
Rough Creek TrailHistoric logging camp sites, lovely creek walk2.81,528'Easy to Moderate walk with a few short steep sections.
Rough Fork TrailPleasant walk with over three miles of nearly flat walking, Historic Steve Woody homesite.6.42,300'Easy when hiked from Heitooga Ridge Road at Polls Gap to Cataloochee Road.
Roundtop TrailSpring wildflower display, quiet walk, nice scenery, tricky river crossing (Little River).7.5900' cumulativeModerate hiking form Wear Cove Gap Road to Little River.
Russell Field TrailRussell field, amazing views, wildflower displays, large trees.3.52,000'Moderate hike with several steep sections.
Schoolhouse Gap TrailWildflower display2.2500'Easy
Scott Mountain TrailDense hardwood forest3.61,200'Moderate with rocky stretches.
Smokemont Loop TrailWildflower display during spring and summer, access to historic cemetery3.91,000' Bradley Fork Trail to SmokemontModerate
Snake Den Ridge TrailWaterfalls, old-growth forest, nice winter views5.33,435'Difficult
Springhouse Branch TrailNice spring wildflower display7.1 1,623'Noland Creek Trail to Forney Creek TrailModerate
Spruce Mountain TrailInteresting geology, Canadian zone forest and vegetation.1.0800' Balsam Mountain Road to Polls Gap TrailModerate
Stone Pile Gap TrailNice forest walk0.9584' Indian Creek Trail to Thomas Divide TrailModerate
Sugarland Mountain TrailLarge trees in upper elevation, varied forest, amazing winter views11.93,640'Easy to Moderate
Sunkota Ridge TrailLovely fall and winter views, nice forest diversity8.6 2,360' Loop Trail to Thomas Divide TrailModerate
Swallow Fork TrailNice stream walk, historic farm site, winter views4.0 2,180 Walnut Bottom to Mount Sterling Ridge TrailModerate
Sweat Heifer Creek TrailSolitude, winter views, nice creek walk.3.7 2,200' Kephart Prong to Appalachian TrailModerate
Thomas Divide TrailNice winter views, beautiful diverse forest13.6-2,840' Newfound Gap Road to Galbraith Creek Road.Moderate
Trillium Gap TrailGrotto Falls, winter views, nice botanical diversity8.93,240' Cherokee Orchard Road to Mount LeConteModerate to Difficult
Tunnel Bypass TrailSolitude, used to create hiking loops1.6 100'Easy
Turkeypen Ridge TrailQuite level walk for the Smokies3.6100'Easy
Twenty Mile Loop TrailWildflower display2.0200' Twenty Mile Trail to Wolf RidgeEasy
Twin Creeks TrailEasy walking for the whole family1.9-700' Noah 'Bud' Ogle trail to Cherokee Orchard RoadEasy
Welch Ridge TrailHigh Rocks, gentle grade, numerous connector trail junctions.7.3-920' Silers Bald to Welch RidgeModerate
West Prong TrailStream Crossing2.71,116' Tremont Road to Bote Mountain TrailModerate
Wet Bottom TrailMulti use horse and hiking1.0100'Easy
Whiteoak Branch TrailSpring Wildflower display, historic home sites, numerous connector trails.1.895'Easy
Wolf Ridge TrailBeautiful fern carpet, winter views, wild berries.6.33,100' Twenty Mile Trail to Gregory Bald Trail at Sheep Pen GapModerate to Difficult