Smoky Mountain Poke Sallet Recipe

Smoky Mountain Poke Sallet Recipe.Preparation of the Southern delicacy, Poke sallet is not for the faint of heart.

Poke Sallet is poisonous when mature and displaying berries.

Poke sallet, a long-time favored regional dish is actually made with the leaves of the poisonous pokeweed plant – and has proved popular with generations – primarily in Appalachia and the American South. The plant, despite its toxicity, has been enjoyed for centuries for those who know how to prepare it – and it does require knowledge to do it correctly. 

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Bearly 5K Virtual Race Scheduled.

The Appalachian Bear Rescue Bearly 5K will virtually be fun for the entire famil!
The Appalachian Bear Rescue Bearly 5K will virtually be fun for the entire famil!

Bearly 5K Virtual Race Scheduled for Saturday, October 31, 2020.

The Bearly 5K will virtually be fun for the entire family!

Each year on the last Saturday in October, bear lovers everywhere come to the Appalachian Bear Rescue headquarters in the Trillium Cove Visitor Center in Townsend Tennessee to set their paws in motion. This year things are a little different and this awesome event will be virtual. We hope everyone will join in the fun keeping the Bearly 5K tradition alive! 

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Children’s Cancer Fundraising Hike Scheduled

Frank Gioscia hikes to find a cure for children’s cancer.

Children’s Cancer Fundraising Hike Scheduled. The CureSearch Ultimate Hike is scheduled for 9/26/20 on the Foothills Trail traversing North and South Carolina. CureSearch raises funds for research to fight children’s cancer.

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Smoky Mountain Black Bear Euthanized

Smoky Mountain black. bears.
Smoky Mountain black. bears. Always stay at least 50 yards away from Smoky Mountain wildlife.

Smoky Mountain Black Bear Euthanized. We are sad to report Great Smoky Mountains National Park officials have closed campsite 82 and a section of Hazel Creek Trail after rangers discovered the remains of an out-of-state adult male at the campsite.  On the afternoon of September 11, 2020 backpackers found an unoccupied tent at campsite #82.  The hikers then discovered what appeared to be human remains across the creek with a bear scavenging in the area.   The hikers left the area to obtain cell coverage and report the incident to authorities.   

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Smoky Mountain Elk Rut

Love is in the air for Smoky Mountain Elk.

Smoky Mountain Elk Rut is on. The call of the wild echoes in the Smokies as Bull Elks seek mates.

Early autumn sends the powerful mating call of bull elks across many areas of the Smokies during the fall breeding season. This loud bugling sends a challenge to other males in the area, and attempts to attract cows for the bull’s harem. Known as the rut, this annual fascinating ritual, which occurs during mid September through October, is played out each day during the elk mating season. 

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